Our Story



BrushBuster is a mom/kid home based business located in Milton, GA started by myself, Mel Mueller, and my 3 daughters.  

BrushBuster came out of need for an equine brush with a long handle to make holding the brush easier and cleaner, to make the curry less offensive to sensitive animals and to make a tail brush that pulls out less hair. 

We developed BrushBuster!  It's the only 2-in-1 brush with a curry on the equine market that is made specifically not to bother sensitive horses using a thicker rubber. It makes brushing and bathing so much easier!  The 2-in-1 tail brush was designed with a bristle pattern that doesn't pull out as much hair while brushing your horses tail and mane. 

Obviously, our horse friends love this brush, but it can also be used on your dogs, cats, goats, sheep, alpaca, donkeys or cows!  

Throw our your other brushes because BrushBuster is the only brush you need for grooming and bathing!

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